Seasonal Season Parties: A Spring Picnic

If you are new to the blog, I’d love to introduce you to our family tradition of seasonal season parties. At the beginning of each season, we have a party with friends celebrating that time of year. We have seasonal treats, I decorate and my husband puts together killer playlists of songs. Last month, we had our Spring party, which we do picnic style.

With not much time to prepare or even think about the party, I decided to make it super simple. We had our guests bring their own picnic lunches and we provided beverages and desserts. I made a tiny bit of decor and it was fun and cheery without being stressful for me. There is something that is just so nice about sitting around in nature with your friends that makes you smile.

Here is a peak at the party!

We served white sangria and sparkling lemonade and I found an excuse to finally buy that white drink dispenser I had been eyeing at target for months. For dessert, we made angel food cake and whipped cream, as well as coconut milk whipped cream- mainly just for me since I cannot have dairy right now, but it was tasty!- for our guests to make strawberry shortcake.

Sweet, simple and springy.

If you want to see our last spring party, you can hop over to our old blog to take a look. If you want to get a head start on some summer party planning, you can see one of our summer parties over there too.

Wait- can you believe that it is almost summer? How did that happen?

4 Responses to “Seasonal Season Parties: A Spring Picnic”

  1. My little guy is allergic to dairy! Coconut milk whipped cream? Do you just whip coconut milk the same as regular whipping cream? Would that even work? If you have time to reply and tell me I would be thrilled. Thanks! Kelly

  2. Hi Kelly!

    Yep! We just made it with coconut milk and sugar, whipped in our kitchenaid stand mixer. It was tasty!

  3. I love your seasonal parties ! are you still posting them up/ doing them?

  4. Hey Jasmine! Please check out for Courtney’s seasonal parties!

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