My Favorite Apple Dip

We all have our go to recipes for parties. Mine is this apple dip. It is so delicious, easy and guests always love it! I cannot take any credit for the recipe- it was given to me by my close friend’s mom, who always made it for parties when we were growing up.

If you are looking for a last minute appetizer for Thanksgiving or a party, this is a great one!

The Yummiest Apple Dip:


1 bar of cream cheese, slightly softened

1 packed cup of brown sugar

A little bit of vanilla (I always eye ball it, but it’s probably around a teaspoon)

Mix ingredients together using an electric mixer until smooth. Refrigerate for at least 15 minutes before serving. That’s it. Seriously. And it’s SO good!

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  1. I make this dip. My recipe has a 1/2 cup white sugar too. But the best part is I add toffee chips from the baking section. My family says they can eat it without the apples, just by the spoonful. Depending on what your store carries, sometimes they have toffee pieces covered in chocolate. So yummy.

  2. do you do anything to the apples to prevent browning while they sit out at a party??

  3. Yes! best dip ever- my recipe has equal parts pwdr sugar & brown sugar…and the yummy heath bar toffee bits..(without the chocolate of course)
    I peel and section my apples before putting them in a water bath that has 1 part lemon juice to 10 parts water… that prevents browning- a friend said she places her apples in sprite or 7up a 50/50 mix and that prevents the browning. I have not tried that one.

  4. Just another suggestion… add a tsp or so of Caramel extract… or Caramel coffee/tea flavoring… MMMmmmmmmMMMMmmmMMMMMMmmmm… to die for!

  5. Can’t wait to make it for the Holiday Party!Thanks for the tips!

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  7. made this last night- SO easy and inexpensive and YUMMY!!! I did top it with heath bars – I bought a bag of mini’s and used a mallet to crush them in a ziplock bag. everyone raved about it and funny thing, they had no idea it was so easy and only a couple ingredients!

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