What happened to our Seasonal Parties?

If you are a long-time reader of my blog, you may have noticed that we have not featured our Spring or Summer party yet. For those of you who are newer to the blog, for the past two years, my husband and I have hosted a party at the beginning of each season for our friends. It has become a really fun tradition for us and is always a great chance for me to get creative.

I wanted to share the reason that we have not shown you photos of the past two seasons. We actually skipped spring this year. I know, I know. How could we? Here’s the scoop: I really did not enjoy the winter party. I was very stressed, did not have time to prep and put all of this pressure on myself to make it an amazing party. As a result, I was crazy the day before and the day of the party, did not get things set up in time and just did not enjoy myself at the party because I was exhausted.

This made me realize that I had forgotten the whole reason we started these events: to celebrate the change in seasons with our friends. Not to out-do my past events, not to get it featured on a blog. I had put too much pressure on myself and had missed the point. Because of that, and the fact that Spring was crazy busy with weddings, we decided to skip Spring.

When summer rolled around, we definitely knew we wanted to throw a party. This time though, I decided to focus on my main goal: to have fun with friends and celebrate what we love about summer. So we had a bbq and bonfire at the beach. Zero decor. Again- gasp! Courtney threw a party with no decor? Yep. It was refreshing and we had a ton of fun.

Never fear though- the tradition will continue in it’s normal style from now on. Although Southern California seems to be confused on what season it is (temperatures of 114 this week!), it is in fact fall and we will be having our fall party in a couple of weeks. The fall parties are always my favorite and I cannot wait to put it all together.

Just wanted to update you all. Thanks for your patience :)

If you want a little fall inspiration to hold you over until I have my party, I was honored to be a judge for a fall decorating challenge that the lovely The City Cradle put on last week. To see all of the fun ideas, you can look through her archives here. Here are a few fun photos to give you a glimpse of the creative ideas:

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  1. Hey Courtney!
    First off, Congratulations!!! Maybe #3 will be a girl! :) I soooo understand how you feel about throwing parties/events. no small project/event is small for me anymore. Although I have the best intention to keep things simple & fun, I get so caught up with the small details and when I really examine my heart, it’s because I want to impress others how talented I am or I’m just pressuring myself to do better..
    I’m being reminded once again (through reading your post) how important it is to keep our intentions/motives clear when helping couples plan their wedding. it’s not just about featuring our work on a blog/magazine. it’s really about blessing them and celebrating with them their new chapter in life. keep up the great work! hope you survive this hot weather, hot mama! :)

  2. Thanks so much for being such a fabulous judge for the fall challenge:) Looking forward to seeing your fall party, even with a tiny bit of decor it would be great- everything you do is amazing!

  3. I love this idea!!

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