Urban Loft Tablescape for Utterly Engaged

Back in January, I had the privilege of collaborating with JL Designs and Olive Hue to create a tablescape for Utterly Engaged’s design challenge. If you have not heard of Utterly Engaged- you need to. It is a wonderful wedding e-zine and is always full to the brim with inspiration. As a part of their New Years party, they invited teams of wedding vendors to create a  tablescape to display and be voted on at the event. The guidelines for the contest were:

1. the tablescape had to be MODERN

2. the focus of the tablescape should NOT revolve around flowers but rather some other element – paper, wood, metal, etc.

3. we had to spend $150. or less (not including rentals – we could use whatever rentals we wanted but no chairs)

I am so proud of what we came up with and how it turned out! Our theme was “urban loft”- very clean, modern and striking. Here is our little inspiration board:

While brainstorming what we could do that would be truly unique, Carissa struck gold. She had eyed the pendant light fixture pictured above (from Design Within Reach) and  came up with the idea to create string spheres to feature on our tablescape. She pulled a method all the way back from elementary school- winding string around a balloon, covering it with fabric stiffener, letting it dry and then popping the balloon. How genius was that?

We lined the pendants in the center of the table and Carissa placed gorgeous fuchsia peonies to accent the centerpiece with pops of color. We also hung some of the pendants above the table.

I added in a little more color by wrapping votive candles in fuchsia yarn (a super easy way to customize plain cheap votive holders for any event):

We used the same yarn on the napkin treatments. I love what Jane created for the menu cards- she blind pressed them, which is letterpressing without the ink. If you look closely, you can see the text on the paper. It was so cool!

Jane also created these cute tags for the glasses:

When I was trying to think of an idea for a favor to place on the table, I remembered that Sweet and Saucy Shop’s cake pops have a chocolate shell that is patterned similar to the string pendants we were using. Melody brought us a few of her treats to use- they were perfect!

I loved how everything turned out and we were so honored to tie for second place! You can see our feature in the E-zine here. Thanks Utterly Engaged crew for putting on such a fun competition! (& party!)

A big thank you to Jasmine Star for the great photos, Melody of Sweet & Saucy Shop for the sweet treats, Wildflower Linens & Classic Party Rentals for our rentals and-of course- to my partners in crime, Carissa & Jane, for being so insanely talented! If I could work with you two everyday, my days would always be sunny :)

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  1. LOVE this table– great ideas and the colors look great!

  2. This is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! What a genius idea for the centerpieces and all of the paper goods & details are spot on! Love! xo

  3. I loved working with you and Carissa!!! :)

  4. I can’t begin to tell you how much I Love this scaping idea! Beautiful, creative and way to keep the cost down!
    Love the attention to detail!
    Keep the ideas comin’!

  5. I love this! It’s awesome!

  6. I love red and shades of it, as it make everything look more vibrant :-)

  7. I love these centerpieces – chic and unique! The red peonies really pops against the white.

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  11. Unique. Great Ideas! Love the ball designs.

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  15. what is fabric stiffener? are you talking about starch or fabric softener?

  16. What type of fabric stiffener did you use? i tried this with just a spray adhesive and it didnt work at all….

  17. I believe it was just fabric stiffener from joanns? Sorry I don’t specifically what it was.

  18. Gorgeous! So creative and seems so easy to do! Great idea – thanks for sharing!

  19. We tried this last night as a trial run. We used Elmer’s Glue and Water. It did NOT work! The string kept sliding off and when we hung them up to dry, the sphere kept sliding off the balloon. I rewrapped them while they were hanging. This morning when I popped the balloons, the spheres deflated too. I am SO disappointed cause we wanted to use this idea for my niece’s wedding. Any ideas?

  20. I tried this and the yarn stuck to the balloon and collapsed when I popped it. Any suggestions?

  21. This makes me SO happy!!! I will definitely be doing this for our November wedding! :)

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  23. Jen & Linda:

    We used string instead of yarn- not sure if that makes a difference. The florist made them and I believe that she used fabric stiffener, which made it stronger than using glue. I’ve made them with fabric using modge podge and it worked too. I think a big key is making sure that it is completely dry before you pop the balloon. Like- no doubt about it dry.

    If you click on the pingback from The Moody Side of Life (comment #22) she suggests putting vasoline on the balloon before putting on the string so that the balloon detaches easily. Often, the balloon will totally shrink on it’s own.

  24. This is such a great idea! I’m considering using this myself. Were the flowers real? If they were, did you find it was easy to use? Thanks!!!

  25. I really love these!! Just a quick question where did you find spherical balloons? I made a couple practice ones but they look egg shaped.

  26. You can get round balloons through Oriental Trading. They are like $7-$8 for 144! Super cheap!

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