Our Seasonal Season Parties: Winter Party Number 2

Those of you that have followed my blog for a while know that my husband and I throw a party at the start of every season. We invite some of our close friends, have a potluck, decorate with details that celebrate that season and my hubby creates a stellar playlist and we give a copy to all of our guests. It has become a favorite tradition in our group of friends and we always look forward to the upcoming parties. You can see our past seasonal parties here and here.

Since it is almost Spring, I decided I better shape up and get the Winter party up here.

This year, I had literally one day to prepare everything, so it was definitely the most stressful seasonal party to date. I tried to keep my crafting simple, but ended up a bit over my head. Even still, it was a wonderful party and I am happy with how things turned out. Here is a little look, with photos taken either in terrible light or the day after the party.


I love paper cut art, so I wanted to have the feel of that throughout the party. I used my cricut to cut out words related to winter and stuck them all over the long tables where guests sat.







I created a runner by placing different sizes of doilies in the middle of the table. I jazzed up some old votive candles I have by covering them with glitter, flocking powder or yarn. Other than that, I grabbed whatever pillar and taper candles and holders I had in my supply and stuck them on the tables. I also whipped up some turquoise yarn balls and scattered them amongst the candles.







I hung some tissue poms and string orbs (which you will be seeing again, very soon!) from the ceiling and each guest had their soup bowl, spoon and napkin waiting for them at their seat.




Just like our last winter party, dinner was a soup potluck. Each couple brought a different type of soup- which is so fun! Most of us had multiple servings so we could try all of the different varieties. I made little labels so we would know what each soup was and had the cooks fill in the information.


I will be back on Monday with our Winter playlist, which is one of my favorites to date. A big thank you to Classic Party Rentals for providing all of the wonderful rentals.

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  1. i too, love this tradition! it is such a fun way to enter a new season! and it guarantees time with your friends…even when life gets to hectic!

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  3. Courtney, I love this one! All the paper cut words and yarn wrapped votives are so cute!

  4. Love it! The lace and sparkly details are dreamy!

  5. Great product. Looks fantastic

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