Seasonal Season Parties: Fall Party 2009

It is finally feeling like Fall in Southern California (except for the 90 degree weather this weekend!)- as I look outside my window, I can see the wind blowing our tree and causing sweet little leaves to fall onto our front lawn. I am wearing a sweater and have already eaten some pumpkin pie. There is just something so comfortable about fall.

A few weeks ago, we had our second annual Fall Party. For photos of last year’s event, click here. I went for a bit of a different feel with the decor this year and loved the result. Here is a glimpse into our festivities, with photos by the wonderful Jenetta Lea Penner:


For this year’s decor, I found a few fabrics I loved from the Arcardia Line and built much of the design around that. I made a banner for our front porch and a larger matching one for our living room.




I got all of the flowers at our town’s Famers Market. I especially love the pumpkin branches!


I used the fabric throughout the decor. The little bottle tree below was one of my favorite pieces:


We have a large back porch, so we seated everyone outside. I went for a more rustic feel this year, utilizing mason jars, twine, bundles of sticks tied with fabric and organic feeling flowers.






All linens were from Fusion Linens, with the exception of the brown linen overlay which I scored at Target for $7!



Just ignore that I had the wrong date on my block calendar from Anthropologie. I did not realize that it was wrong until two days later. Oops.







The food table set up (without any food!):


I filled a train trunk with wooden utensils by Paper Cup Design, purchased at Anthropologie, and eco friendly paper plates from Target.





I created a little dessert station on my vintage ironing board:



A little candy corn and pumpkins to start Fall off right, placed in cut mini cupcake cups from Layer Cake Shop:


I baked these cookies using my new favorite sugar cookie recipe, found on the Blonde Designs blog:


The rest of the menu included: cheese and crackers, risotto, salad, yummy bread, pumpkin pie, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, apple pie, homemade whipped cream and homemade apple cider.

I couldn’t resist sharing some personal photos, because they are just so cute! My little man and his future wife:



I just love him:


My two favorite guys in the whole world:


Happy Fall!

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  1. Adorable as always! Your little man is growing up so fast…he is so handsome!

  2. So cute! I feel inspired to host a season party. Thanks for the sugar cookie recipe and the inspiration:)

  3. awww…isaiah is SOOOOO cute! great job girly! and by the way i copied you last year and did a fall party and now people are asking me when this year’s will be…guess i better get on it! fall is half way over! agh!

  4. Absolutely love this! What great ideas for fall parties and weddings. The set-up is just lovely. My favorites are the banners, mason jars and of course, the sunflowers!

  5. OH my gosh Courtney! The party is adorable…of course. But, i am dying over how BIG Isaiah has gotten. He is so handsome…such a doll!

  6. Lovely post my friend! Yay, this year Abby has some hair and looks more like the lil’ princess that she is ;) Except, can someone get that kid to crack a smile…. haha! Isaiah always looks adorable! Love it!

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  8. So adorable!!!! I love the ironing board idea!

  9. i am loving the candies inside the cupcake liners! so easy and it looks gooood!

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  11. What an awesome party!! :-) GREAT ideas!

  12. The fact that you entertain so beautifully in your own home is such an inspiration to me. Everything looks lovely. And your little munchkin is a total cutie!

  13. Ok. so that blonde design website. with the cookies… the girl Kristin Rees in charge of that website is like one of our best friends in dallas :) she did my wedding invites :)

  14. Hi Chelsy! I know- that is how I found their blog :) They are great! Hope you two are doing well! Your wedding is going to be up on here this week!

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  16. I love the way you incorporated the candles into your party space! Very inspired by fall…thanks for sharing!

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