4 Years Ago Today…

Four years ago today:

*I woke up much earlier than I wanted to. The butterflies shaking up my stomach just would not let me sleep.

*It was sprinkling as I left to go to my hair and makeup appointments. I had to remind myself at this point that I had to let go of control.

*I felt more beautiful than any other time in my life.

*As my best friends and family surrounded me in our hotel room at The St Regis, I felt overwhelmed  with love and was so ridiculously grateful for the amazing people in my life.

*I met up with the man I would spend the rest of my life with on the beach. When he saw me approaching, he sprinted toward me with more joy than I have ever seen.

*I relished that hour together, giddy with excitement for what was to come.

*We met up with our best friends and family for photos and were greeted with cheers. We felt like celebrities.

*The church coordinator forgot to line us girls up and get us ready, so after the guys and family entered, there was a good 4 minutes of nothing. Our guitarist just kept playing and playing. We did not even realize that the ceremony had started. David wondered if I was standing him up :)

*My adorable niece fell asleep and had to be carried down the aisle, with a cookie in my brother’s hand for when she woke up.

*I honored those who had been an important part of my life by having them piece together my bouquet as I walked down the aisle. I shared a special moment with each one: childhood friends, college mentors, impactful teachers, cancer doctors and nurses, my aunt and uncle. As my dad stood by my side, my mom tied together the bouquet once I reached the front of the lawn.

*I grasped onto my love’s hand with more love than ever before.

*I promised not only to be faithful, love him fully, support and respect him, but also to have fun with him everyday.

*He tried to kiss me right after our vows.

*The cloudy sky parted and the sun shone down on us right as we all were singing one of our favorite worship songs.

*We became husband and wife.

*We exited to “When I’m 64″ by the Beatles

*We took the largest family photo ever. Seriously- ever. It was quite an ordeal.

*We had our grand entrance to “Everything in it’s Right Place” by Radiohead. This made my husband’s day.

*I experienced one of the most magical moments of my life, dancing with my new husband to “Love Me Tender” by Norah Jones

*I did not eat any food. Only cake.

*We were surrounded by more love and support than we had ever felt in our lives. So cool to have everyone important to you in one place at one time.

*We danced. A lot.

*One of my maids of honor wrote us a poem for her speech. It was amazing.

*My husband surprised his mom by writing and recording a song for their mother son dance. Many tears were shed.

*Everything did not go as planned, but we did not know or care. We had the time of our lives. Treasuring every moment that passed while excited for our future.


photo by Docuvitae

Today, I love my husband 4,000 times more than I did on that day. Next year, it will likely by 5,000 times more. Being at weddings almost every weekend, I am continually reminded of the emotions and memories of September 9th, 2005.

I love you David.

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